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Phytotherapy Treatment


Introducing Phytotherapy Hair Treatment, the game-changer for your hair! It’s like a super-powered upgrade from Nanoplastia Treatment because it’s safer and way more effective. This magic treatment not only makes your hair smooth and hydrated but also can make it super straight—up to 90% straighter! What’s really cool is that it’s made of 18 special building blocks called amino acids that make your hair super healthy and strong. So, not only will your hair look amazing, but it’ll also be really, really healthy too!


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Introducing the breakthrough in hair care: Phytotherapy Hair Treatment, the pinnacle of hair rejuvenation and transformation. This advanced innovation surpasses the Nanoplastia Treatment, offering an unparalleled blend of potency and safety. This revolutionary procedure not only smoothens and hydrates but also boasts a staggering 90% straightening capacity, delivering hair that feels naturally beautiful and effortlessly sleek.

Unlike its predecessors, Phytotherapy Treatment is versatile and seamlessly combinable with hair coloring processes. It serves as a beacon of hope for those with severely damaged hair due to sensitization or chemical burns, effectively restoring vitality and strength. What sets this treatment apart is its rich formulation containing a staggering 18 amino acids, a substantial upgrade from Nanoplastia’s four core amino acids. Furthermore, the absence of hazardous chemicals underscores its commitment to ensuring human health and safety.

Pioneered by the renowned brand “PAFY,” Phytotherapy Treatment represents a paradigm shift in hair care, setting new standards of efficacy and safety. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to not only transform hair but also do so without compromising health.

Now, let’s delve into a comparative analysis:

  1. **Rebonding**: While Rebonding offers intensive straightening, it often involves harsh chemicals that can damage hair over time. In contrast, Phytotherapy Treatment achieves significant straightening while prioritizing the health of your hair.
  2. **Keratin Treatment**: Keratin treatments focus on smoothing and frizz reduction. However, Phytotherapy Treatment goes beyond by not only smoothing and hydrating but also providing substantial straightening effects.
  3. **Hair Botox**: Hair Botox aims to restore damaged hair, similar to Phytotherapy Treatment. However, Hair Botox doesn’t offer the significant straightening capabilities that Phytotherapy does.
  4. **Nanoplastia**: Nanoplastia Treatment, while effective, contains a limited number of amino acids compared to Phytotherapy Treatment. Phytotherapy’s extensive amino acid blend provides enhanced nourishment and repair.

In essence, while each treatment has its merits, Phytotherapy Hair Treatment emerges as the frontrunner, excelling in its comprehensive approach to hair transformation, safety, and unparalleled results.

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* Homecare products (Shampoo, Masque & Serum) are highly recommended to buy from us at the time of service which costs between Rs3000to Rs8350 (as per process), (In case of non availability of said products, same will be dispatched at home through courier within three working days). This offer is specially designed to promote a healthy hair, so we recommend using above said products as advised.
* As per company educations, results of Phtotherapy treatment lasts up to 48-72 washes, if used- advised products properly, so we highly recommend using advised products and must take repeat service on regular intervals of 4-6 months.
* For best results, one length haircut is always preferable.
* Any Chemical-treated hair are more suspected to dust, pollution, sun, damage, so we recommend to use home care products properly after the process.
* For Haldwani branches only.
* For females only.
* Prior appointment mandatory, which can be taken on 78307-30003 or at our website: www.rebondingjunction.com
* Waiting not allowed (for kids, men etc.)
* After consultation, we reserves all right to process service or not due to any reason. In that case, we are not bounded to give service; we may suggest any other service to rectify the concern.
* Billing (Service + homecare products) must be done before service.
* Payment mode Cash,Card,Paytm & Online.
* EMI also available on Credit Cards/Cardless EMI.
* #HomeCare #must #be #used #as #prescribed #after #process.
* Timing: 10 Am to 7 Pm {Last appointment 2Pm}
* We request our clients to reach 10minutes prior to scheduled appointment. In case of delay more than 30minutes, rescheduling may be required.


  1. REBONDING JUNCTION– Near IDBI Bank, Durga city centre, Bareilly – Nainital Rd, behind SBI bank, behind Reliance trends, Bhotia Parao, Haldwani, Uttarakhand 263139
  2. RJ (Rebonding Junction) KioskGround floor, Central Hospital, Gas Godam Rd, opp. Ujala Cygnus, Kusumkhera, Bomari Tallikham, Haldwani, Uttarakhand 263139

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For Appointment Call: +91-7830730003 or visit at www.rebondingjunction.com

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