Free Webinar: “Debunking Salon Myths: Haircare Wisdom by Shivani Chaudhary”

Event Details

Webinar Host: Shivani Chaudhary – Salon Expert with 23 Years of Experience

Date & Time: November 17th, Friday, 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm

Online Seminar

Webinar Focus

Ready to discover the truth behind salon myths on Rebonding, Keratin, Hair Botox, Nanoplastia, and Phytotherapy treatments, all in just 30 minutes with Shivani Chaudhary sharing expert insights exclusively in Hindi?

In this exclusive 30-minute webinar, Shivani Chaudhary aims to unravel the myths and rumors propagated by salons surrounding hair texture services such as Rebonding, Keratin, Hair Botox, Nanoplastia, and Phytotherapy treatments. She’s committed to sharing genuine knowledge and practical guidance on these services, all delivered in the Hindi language.

In this special seminar, we’ll understand the changes observed in client requirements and some realistic hair treatments that work.

What to Expect?

  • Swift debunking of salon myths
  • Insights into Rebonding, Keratin, Hair Botox, Nanoplastia, Phytotherapy treatments
  • Practical advice directly from Shivani Chaudhary’s extensive experience
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Rebonding Vs Smoothing

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09:00 AM?

Keratin treatment

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10:30 AM?

Hair Botox Treatment

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12:30 PM?

Nanoplastia Vs Phtotherapy

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About Shivani Chaudhary

Meet Shivani Chaudhary, a seasoned salon expert with over 23 years of hands-on experience. Successfully managing her salon business since 2003, Shivani has not only perfected her craft but has also enriched her knowledge through numerous international workshops with L’Oreal. Beyond her salon, Shivani runs a thriving salon academy both online and offline.

Join this seminar and get a chance to meet us and join our team.

Our Sponsor?

Our sponsor, “PAFY,” is a respected and accomplished professional brand committed to fostering a world of healthy, beautiful hair. Engage in the seminar and move a step closer to connecting with the expert.

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