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Why Choose Ammonia Free Rebonding?

Traditional hair rebonding products flooding the market often contain harsh chemicals like ammonia, leading to hair damage, dryness, and weakened strands. But now, introducing a game-changer: PAFY’s Ammonia-Free Rebonding—the magic formula!

What Sets Ammonia-Free Rebonding Apart?

PAFY’s revolutionary Ammonia Free Rebonding


your hair's natural texture and softness

Nurtures and strengthens

your hair, preventing damage

Restores Moisture

leaving your hair healthy and radiant

why should you opt for Ammonia Free Rebonding?

Choosing ammonia-free rebonding ensures that you not only achieve the sleek and smooth results you desire but also prioritize the long-term health and vitality of your hair.

Ammonia free rebonding
Ammonia free rebonding

Reason to opt Ammonia Free Rebonding?

Opting for ammonia-free rebonding offers a range of benefits compared to traditional treatments containing ammonia. Here are some compelling reasons to choose ammonia-free rebonding:

  1. Gentle on Hair: Ammonia-free formulas are milder, preserving the natural softness and texture of your hair. They work without stripping away essential oils, leaving your hair healthier.

  2. Reduced Damage: Ammonia can cause significant hair damage, leading to breakage and dryness. Ammonia-free treatments minimize this damage, maintaining the integrity of your hair strands.

  3. Prevents Dryness: Ammonia-free rebonding helps retain moisture in your hair, preventing the dryness commonly associated with ammonia-based treatments.

  4. Enhanced Hair Health: By avoiding harsh chemicals like ammonia, your hair stays stronger, healthier, and less prone to breakage or split ends.

  5. Maintains Natural Look: Ammonia-free rebonding allows your hair to retain its natural shine and texture, avoiding the overly processed appearance that can occur with ammonia-based treatments.

  6. Nourishes and Strengthens: Some ammonia-free products are enriched with nourishing ingredients like amino acids, which strengthen and improve the overall quality of your hair.

  7. Safer for Sensitive Scalps: Ammonia-free formulas are generally gentler on sensitive scalps, reducing the risk of irritation or discomfort during the treatment process.

  8. Environmental Considerations: Ammonia-free products are often formulated to be more environmentally friendly, reducing the release of harmful substances into the environment during application.

Discover the Secret to Straight, Silky, Smooth Hair

Meet The Founder

Shivani Chaudhary (Seema)

Salon Expert

Meet Shivani Chaudhary, a renowed salon expert with over 23 years of hands-on experience. Successfully managing her salon business since 2003, Shivani has not only perfected her craft but has also enriched her knowledge through numerous international workshops with L’Oreal. Beyond her salon, Shivani also runs a thriving salon academy.

What our clients says about us ?

Krishna BankotiKrishna Bankoti
06:54 04 May 23
Rebounding junction is the best place for hair styling. It was very relaxing &comfortable salon. My hair rebounding treatment done by two staff member ms Diksha & gunjan... Diksha & gunjan are so friendly, caring nd excellent towards their work...both are very polite & professional.... Thank you so much and God bless you both....
Kalpana KarnatakKalpana Karnatak
19:20 16 Apr 23
Great coordination and efforts by the team. Ekta, Deepika & Gunjan really worked hard to deliver the service with maximum perfection. Staff is polite and professional.
Arpita UpretiArpita Upreti
15:52 14 Apr 23
very nice and supportive staff specially Gunjan And Deeksha were handling my task and they were "the" best in their work . I just loved my visit and the experience was wonderful .
Bhumika DumkaBhumika Dumka
12:34 31 Mar 23
I took smoothening+keratin from Rebonding junction. Service is so good. All staff is so welcoming and professional. Staff Gunjan attended me , she is so humble,polite and gave very fine service. I am glad to come here.
Pratiksha ThapaPratiksha Thapa
13:33 09 Mar 23
I love the overall staff and services provide by the salon. And i m extremely happy with the final results of my hair treatment which is done by one of the staff member Maddy. Highly recommended!! Just go for it!
Kiran DhamiKiran Dhami
13:11 14 Jan 23
It was really good experience to be here and staff was really gentle and helpful, especially Ms Diksha. She helped me with my rebounding and keratin treatment and taught me to took care of my hair properly.
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